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The Hera Women Power Groups

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Our Power Groups are safe, structured, and empowering forums, where women in business come together to share themselves authentically and in a way that gives them the breakthroughs they need to develop into Great Leaders.

Female owners of businesses lack access to like-minded confidantes and mentorship from successful women in business. Without such support, they often feel isolated and alone.

In a rapidly evolving and high stress environment of running a business, it is impossible to know who to trust and where to seek genuine guidance, our Hera Women Power Groups solve this problem.

Breaking Through The Self-Confidence Barrier For Women In Business

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Female business owners often share that they lack the confidence to communicate with courage, to ask for what they need and to make bold decisions.

Our Hera Women Power Groups solve this problem by:

  • Facilitating authentic sharing.
  • Encouraging women to communicate with courage.
  • Mentor and support women to take bold decisions to grow their business.
  • Providing practical and shared business and personal experience.

“Hera Power Groups provide a positive and confidential forum in which members are empowered, challenged and inspired to become great leaders”


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Hera Women - Belinda Tonna Member - Join Us

“Hera Power Groups are different. They provide a genuine and supportive environment, where knowledge is shared openly.

Hera Power groups give you a sense
of belonging with a focus on building meaningful connections and achieving
individual goals.”

Belinda Tonna | Higgins Tonna & Co. Accountants and Bookkeepers

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