Our Story

Game Changing, Elevating, Action Focused

Empowering and Inspiring Women Business Owners to Live With Freedom

Our Story

Hera Women was established to provide a safe community, where women in business had access to trusted mentors and could be supported to build healthy and highly profitable business and lives.

All women in business start their business journey with the dream of living with flexibility and freedom. In time, that dream turns into disappointment and disillusionment.

We are on a mission to change this by supporting, empowering and inspiring every woman in business to live with freedom in life.

Hera Women - Pamela Cominos - Women Business Networking
Hera Women Pamela Cominos

Our Founder

Pamela Cominos is the owner of Cominos Family Lawyers and the founder of Hera Women, she holds degrees in Education, Master of Arts ( Literature), Bachelor of Laws and Diplomas in Mediation and Life Coaching.

Pamela has proudly built a legal practice from the ground up, growing it into a million-dollar business that gives her a life of freedom.

After almost 15 years of working as a Family Lawyer, Pamela embarked on a transformational journey, shifting from being immersed in the day-to-day operations of her legal practice to creating a self-managing business that operates without her.

Pamela is now focused on empowering women business owners to build healthy and highly profitable businesses, scale up and create self-managing businesses so they too can live with freedom.

Hera Women Pamela Cominos