Ready to become a great leader who creates a profitable business and lives with freedom?

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Who is Hera Women for?

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  • Women who own their business.
  • Women who generate between $500,000 and $1,500,000 annually and have hit a plateau.
  • Women who are focused on business profitability and growth.
  • Women who want to do it on their terms (not others).
  • Women who want to be supported and encouraged by like-minded women in business.
  • Women who want to be held accountable so that they can become better versions of themselves.
  • Women who want to elevate their influence, communication and public speaking skills.

“Great leaders are created at Hera Women”

Express Your Interest

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We accept expressions of interest from any woman who owns an established business across Australia.

Expressing your interest means that you are curious to find out more and you are keen explore further what membership looks like.


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  • All-inclusive Membership packages.
  • Connect with women in business.
  • Learn in confidential environments.
  • Create collaborative relationships.
  • Trusted community of mentors.
  • Opportunity to showcase your business.
  • Opportunity to facilitate, lead or present at events.
  • Opportunity to build business partnerships.
  • Opportunity to join our non-executive board.


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Meaningful Results

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All great leaders understand the importance of creating results that matter.

Our members experience results that are meaningful and transformative for them.

We guarantee:

  • Enhanced self-confidence.
  • Boosts your sense of freedom.
  • Expands your network.
  • Fosters collaborations.
  • Broadens your perspective.
  • Strengthen your professional profile.
  • Provides a sense of belonging.



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Hera Women - Lina De Marco Founding Member

“Hera Women has been an invaluable resource for me, providing a supportive and empowering community where I have been able to foster meaningful connections and gain valuable insights in my business, professional and personal life”

Lina De Marco | Founder | Ademus Business Solutions

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