A leadership system that transforms women in business to become great leaders who live with purpose, confidence, and freedom.

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A Transformational (Great) Leadership System

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Our transformational leadership system is founded on 3 fundamental and interconnected pillars.

Together these pillars empower women business owners to become Great Leaders who build profitable businesses and live with freedom.

The 3 pillars are designed to give you mastery across your self, business, and communication skills.

To gain self, business and communication mastery means that you are dedicated to learning, being challenged and being accountable for your success.

The best news is that any woman in business who is willing to gain mastery can achieve it with quality mentorship, unwavering support, and positive encouragement.

1. Self Mastery achieved through our Power Groups

Self mastery is the ability to be self-reflective, self-aware and to also recognise the impact our behaviour, emotions and communication have on others.

Becoming a great leader starts with you.

The pillar of self-awareness and mastering your thoughts, emotions and actions is essential if you want to gain control, courage, and confidence as a business owner.

We learn and practise self mastery in our Hera Women Power Groups.

“The willingness to authentically share ourselves is the beginning of self mastery”

2. Business Mastery achieved through our Business Masterclasses

Creating a profitable business where all areas of your business are operating efficiently with flow and ease, requires business mastery.

Like self-mastery, business mastery involves your willingness to learn, be challenged and implement new ways of operating your business for maximum growth.

We deliver business mastery in our Hera Women Masterclasses.

These masterclasses are curated to bring you up to date, transformational tools, techniques, and ways to grow your people, your profits, and the overall success of your business.

Our masterclasses are interactive and learning forums. They are facilitated by our members for our members.

“Creating profitable business requires mastery of business systems, processes, people, data, sales and marketing”

3. Communication Mastery achieved through Connecting and Showcasing Events

One of the core functions of every great leader to articulate the vision of their business in clear, compelling, and inspiring ways.

Yet this continues to be one of the stresses and pain points for many business owners.

Being a masterful communicator requires that you learn to communicate your message, your thoughts and your vision in ways that keep your team, your customers and your service providers and other stakeholders aligned with your business goals.

Communication Mastery involves:

  • Active listening: As a business owner you must develop the skill of understanding others and being responsive to their perspectives.
  • Adaptability: Adjusting your communication style according to your audience, context, and platform.
  • Non-Verbal Communication: Understanding and reading non-verbal communication in yourself and others.
  • Persuasion: Effectively influencing others through rational and well-structured propositions.
  • Conflict resolution: Resolving conflicts or misunderstandings through effective dialogue, collaboration, and negotiation.
  • Feedback: Giving and receiving constructive feedback that fosters growth and development.

Our Hera Women Connecting and Business Showcasing Events provide a platform and opportunity for all our members to share with others their business journey, stories, and learnings.

“Gain mastery in clear, confident and courageous communication at Hera Women Connecting and Showcasing Events”

What Results Will I Achieve?

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Our transformational leadership system guarantees:

  • Enhanced self-confidence.
  • Boosts your sense of freedom.
  • Expands your network.
  • Fosters collaborations.
  • Broadens your perspective.
  • Strengthen your professional profile.
  • Provides a sense of belonging.

“We make your leadership journey fun, engaging and transformative”

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Our Values

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Our values support our vision and create our culture.

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