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Hera Women Connecting and Showcasing Events

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At Hera Women we love to celebrate your hard work, your efforts, and your achievements.

We hold connecting and showcasing events that highlight your success and provides you with an opportunity to share your journey, your learnings, and your business with others.

Our events inspire, empower, and elevate our women in business. They are designed to create opportunities for our members to gain mastery in communication.

They are also a great way to meet other like-minded women in business and to form your very own collaborative and referral networks.

“At Hera Women we want you to be the Hera in your Story”

Overcoming the Fear of Public Speaking

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Does the idea of speaking in public about your vision, your company, or your leadership journey cause you to panic or stress? You are not alone.

As a woman in business the opportunity to share your ambitions, your aspirations and your vision are rarely offered and when they are offered women often decline to participate.

The fear of failure often overtakes our confidence to communicate with ease in public.

Hera Women Connecting and Showcasing Events solve this problem by:

  • Training you to communicate with confidence.
  • Providing you with the opportunities to showcase your business at Connecting and Showcasing Events.
  • Learning from women in business peers at our events.



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Hera Women - Tandy Cassar Member

“Hera women networking events have given me the opportunity to interact with like-minded entrepreneurial leaders”

Tandy Cassar | Co-Founder | Uula Fragrances

Showcasing Business Events

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We believe in celebrating the success of women in business. We hold inspiring and dynamic events throughout the year at spectacular locations.

Our showcasing business events highlight our most inspiring women in business.

Our events are open to members and non-members and to anyone who leads and owns a business.

“The ability to communicate your vision in a way that inspires others is transformational”

Hera Women - 2023 Events

Our Values

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Our values support our vision and create our culture.

Hera Women - Our Values
Hera Women - Our 4 Values
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