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Hera Women is a positive and empowering mentorship and transformational leadership organisation for women in business.

We are dedicated to supporting women in business.

We understand the challenges that women in business face, including:

  • Struggles with self-confidence.
  • Limited access to successful female business role models.
  • Challenges in effectively delegating tasks to others.
  • Difficulties in the process of hiring, training, and retaining staff.
  • Low financial and business literacy crucial for business growth.
  • Time constraints due to family and childcare responsibilities.
  • Frustration arising from lack of progress and success in business growth.

We also know that the statistics are against women in business.

  • 35% of women own and operate businesses in Australia.
  • 65% of women in business generate an annual turnover of less than $500,000.

and less than…

  • 1.5% of women in business generate an annual turnover of more than $2million.

Unless women in business transform themselves and the way they manage their business, they will sadly waste years of their precious time, money and energy operating businesses that are unprofitable.

Thankfully 97% of women who own businesses plan to grow their business.

Join Hera Women to make your dream a reality.

Together we will shatter barriers, break ceilings, and create a landscape where profitable and impactful businesses are the norm.

“Hera’s got your back”

What’s In a Name

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Hera Women was named after Hera, the ancient Greek Goddess who empowered and protected all women.

Hera was a strong, resilient, and smart goddess who knew what she wanted.

Unapologetic, passionate, and determined, she was a transformational female leader.

Hera Women - Goddess Hera

“Next time someone asks you why you want something… Don’t explain. Don’t justify. Just say… Because I want, what I want”

The Hera Women Transformational Tools

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We have developed, curated, and implemented personal, business and communication development tools and techniques that focus on transformational leadership. These tools include:

  • Time management systems.
  • Business Operational systems.
  • Self-awareness tools, such as Johari Windows.
  • Trust building modules for teams, including PIPs and FBIs.
  • The 3 C’s of Effective Communication.
  • Above the line and below the line thinking.
  • Conflict resolution tools.
  • The 1 Number.
  • The 3 Priorities.
  • Go 10x.

“We have tried and tested everything we do, say and deliver”

Case Study

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In March 2023, MJ (not her real name) joined Hera Women feeling burnt out and stressed. She was wearing too many hats in her business and after 6 years of little growth she was on the verge of closing her business.

After just a few weeks with Hera Women she found support, validation, and a way forward. She recognised the benefit of leveraging other people’s expertise and skills to grow her business and to give her what she wanted.

Our Founder

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Pamela Cominos is a successful business owner and transformational leader. Pamela holds degrees in Literature, Education, Mediation and Law.

In 2010 she established Cominos Family Lawyers with the purpose of delivering quality and caring family law services to her clients.

Like most women in business, Pamela invested her time, energy, and passion into her business. But after a decade she experienced profound exhaustion and disillusionment. She realised that working ‘in’ her business was not the way to create a profitable and successful business.

 Taking a step back, to go forward, Pamela restructured her business. She implemented systems and processes that optimised the productivity of her team and supported them to deliver high quality, caring and proactive family law advice.

By 2021, she had created a self-managing business.

Today Cominos Family Lawyers is thriving.

Motivated by her experience, pain, and struggle, Pamela established Hera Women. Her sole purpose in bringing Hera Women to the world is to support, empower and to create great female leaders who build profitable businesses and live with confidence, purpose, and freedom.

Pamela wants every woman in business to ‘be the Hera in her story.’

“The freedom that women in business experience when they are genuinely supported is transformational”

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Our Values

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Our values support our vision and create our culture.

Hera Women - Our Values
Hera Women - Our 4 Values
Hera Women

If you have any questions, please contact team@herawomen.com.au

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