We empower women business owners.

To become great leaders who create profitable businesses and live with freedom.

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Hera Women

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Hera Women is an all-inclusive transformational leadership community that empowers, supports and mentors female business owners to live with purpose, to communicate with courage and to create businesses that gives them freedom.

All women in business want freedom, however very few achieve this.

At Hera Women we have curated a holistic system that alleviates the barriers that women face.

Barriers such as not knowing when and how to leverage other peoples time and expertise to grow their business, not knowing whom to trust with their business issues, limited access to funding and finally being unable to implement and execute their vision for the business.

“We want every woman in business to achieve her dreams”

A Community of Mentors

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Hera Women is your community of women in business mentors. We have created a mentorship community, where women empower women.

Your community of mentors is collaborative, willing to share their knowledge and celebrate your successes.

All our members are experienced women in business and just like you share similar frustrations and struggles with operating and growing a profitable business.

“Hera Women is your greatest advocate, mentor and supporter”

Our Promise to You

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We promise to make a positive and meaningful impact on every single Hera Woman.

We are committed to you becoming a Great Leader who transforms herself, her business, and her life.

If you are a woman who is operating a business and you find yourself constantly frustrated by the lack of progress despite your efforts, Hera Women is made specifically for you.

A Transformational (Great) Leadership System

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Transforming perceptions, beliefs, and attitudes about what it means to own and operate a business is crucial if women business owners want to create profitable businesses and live with freedom.

Transformational leaders are Great leaders who focus on people, purpose and profit in a way that enhances, empowers, and values themselves and others.

Becoming a Great Leader means that you develop and implement the 5C’s of transformational Leadership in your personal and business life.

Every Hera Woman is on a journey to become a Great Leader.

We support, empower and mentor our members to be:

  • Confident
  • Courageous
  • Curious
  • Committed
  • Creative

We have curated a transformational leadership system that embodies the 5C’s of transformational (Great) leaders.

By understanding what it means to be a Great Leader our women in business transition from being a woman who owns and works in her business to one who transforms herself, inspires her team and builds a profitable business.

“Transformational leaders are Great leaders who focus on people, purpose and profit in a way that enhances, empowers, and values themselves and others”


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Hera Women - Rachel Golding - Founding Member

A lot of the groups in the marketplace do seem to be a lot of talk, but not a lot of practical application to an individual’s context.

Hera offers something really different: practical tools, skill formation and accountability with peers at similar stages of business’ .

Rachel Golding

Founder, Dinner on the Table

Hera Women - Mona Chiha - Founding Member

By becoming a part of Hera Women, I've invested in a shared tapestry of success, where each thread strengthens not just my own journey, but the collective weave of empowerment.

Together, we're not just elevating ourselves, but setting new horizons of achievement for women everywhere.

Mona Chiha

Founder, JurisTechne

Hera Women - Brady Yoshia - Founding Member

Hera Women is stimulating, interesting and empowering.

An absolute must for all women in leadership.

Brady Yoshia

Founder, Brady Marcs

Buyers Advisory

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